Year 9 Choices

Your choices at year 9 may seem daunting, but there is normally plenty of time to make your mind up, and decide what it is you will study at GCSE level. Actually, you should enjoy this opportunity to have some control over the subjects you study.

There are still a whole set of subjects which the government have deemed compulsory so you will have to study those. They are English, mathematics, science, PE and citizenship (enrichment) and are all subjects that really need to be studied to GCSE level to ensure that all the young people leaving education have a good set of skills to help them cope with life, so you won’t be able to leave any of them behind. However if, for example, art wasn’t really for you, then you can choose to leave it behind and replace it with something that appeals to you more, such as business and finance or music.

These choices are important but you should not get so worried by them that it prevents you from enjoying them. At the end of the day, any career choice you make, or further education course you decide to apply for, should all respect your GCSE grades regardless of subject area as it means that you are able to study and achieve at a set level. At the end of the day this is what they want you to be able to do when you are on their courses.

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