Yoga Etiquette

There are rules of good yoga etiquette that could help you feel comfortable and relax when going an unfamiliar setting. These are based on courtesy and common sense, but let’s deal with some of the issues that are explicit to yoga classes and studios.

First, take off your shoes. Yoga studios have an area for your shoes near the front door. Since people will be walking in barefoot at the studio, it is best if everyone takes off their shoes when they first come in. Secondly, switch off your cell phone. Make it a point to turn off your cell phone so as not to disrupt other members in your yoga class. Thirdly, arrive on time. Make it a habit to come to class at least 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to start. Fourth, show respect to the teacher. Since you signed up for the class, you should respect your teacher. Follow the teacher’s instructions. Fifth, use your variations appropriately. Bear in mind the level of the class you are attending. It is a good idea if you take the basic variations first before going onto the more advanced variation. Sixth, you should go to the rest room during resting poses. It is okay to leave class for a couple of minutes when you are going to the bathroom. You don’t’ need to ask for permission. The best time to go is when there are a few minutes of rest. Lastly, do not skip Savasana. Your final relaxation in Savasana is a significant part of your practise. If you are going to leave the class early make sure you tell the teacher in advance and take a quick Savasana before going.

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