Yoga Types and Styles (Nude Yoga)

There are many styles of yoga in the world. One type of yoga is the contemporary style. Contemporary styles are based on the traditional methods of yoga, but they all originate in the United States. One example of contemporary yoga is Nude Yoga, which is becoming increasingly popular.

The goal of Nude Yoga is to teach the students to be more confident of their bodies. Although it is not yet mainstreamed, some nude yoga sessions are already offered in community centres, yoga studios and most often in private classes. The class is conducted in a non-sexual, artistic way and it allows everyone to enjoy and focus more during the session.

Nude Yoga is usually set in a semi-dimmed room. This helps the students, especially new students, adjust to the environment. The class includes a ritualistic style of removing clothes, allowing extra comfort for the students. The feeling of being liberated is the first thing the students will experience when they start Nude Yoga. Instructors have different approaches to teaching, which also lend a sense of thrill for the students.

Nude Yoga sessions are offered to both men and women. Occasionally, the class attracts bisexual men who use the class to explore sexuality. Nude Yoga is highly recommended for liberal-minded people, but also for those who want to learn yoga through a different, unique approach.

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