Create A New Email Account For Your Banking Needs

There are many reasons why experts suggest getting multiple email accounts. The most striking reason of all is to ensure that your account isn’t used by someone who is trying to steal from you. In the past decade, a number of individuals in the United States and Europe were victimised by scammers and some had to deal with identity theft. The main reason for this happening is the usage of only one account for everything.

Accounts can become public and may even be extracted from vulnerable websites if the scammer is diligent enough. However, in most cases, email addresses are easy to come by without the use of any tech savvy or hacking skills as email addresses can be easily found online. For scammers, it doesn’t matter how many people they’d have to send emails to to get the info they need and if your account happens to be on their list, you’d like be sent a phishing email too.

Create A New Email Account for Your Protection

Accounts for varying purposes are useful as they help you save time and effort in sifting through spam just to get to important messages. Apart from making your life a lot simpler, accounts that are dedicated to a particular purpose can also minimise phishing attempts. According to email provider Gmail, creating an account specific for your banking needs will help you identify scammers easier. The brand suggests that you only provide your banking email to your bank. This way, getting a bank email through your other accounts will immediately become a red flag.

Whilst it is easy for many people to identify phishing emails, it is not as apparent to others. In fact, people who are not technologically savvy can easily mistake phishing messages as official messages. Setting up dedicated banking emails for the people you love is a good idea too.

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