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Marketing your business

It is tricky getting the right balance when marketing your dog breeding business. The marketing must appeal to buyers while giving the right impression of the type of breeder you are. You want to make sure that you are not seen as a backyard breeder who is just out to make a quick profit from an accidental mating. Nor do you want to give the impression that you are a slick operation, with high volume, low overheads and maximum profit. You need to reassure your potential customers that you have the puppies’ best interests at heart. This will include details on how you are feeding them the best food, that they are getting the best medical attention and are well looked after at home with comfortable, quality accommodation. Buyers will also want to know how to look after the breed, so supplying this information will help your reputation.

You can advertise in popular magazines about your breed and in your local paper. But you should be careful to make sure that you use the right words to attract the serious buyer. For inspiration look at the adverts that other breeders you know and trust have used.

Using the Internet to advertise your business is another good place. There are many reputable dog finder sites where you can register your puppies. These will often offer a matching service where buyers enter details of the sort of dog they are interested in, including dog ownership experience, activity levels and size. You should also consider setting up your own website.