What Caribbean islands can you visit on a cheap cruise package?

Caribbean cruises are incredible. Sailing through tropical climes is a wonderful way to take some time out – and there are some truly wild and wonderful places for you to visit through thousands of cruise tours each year. But do you necessarily have to pay extra to get access to the best sites, sounds, smells, and sunshine? Probably not.

You may already be thinking about heading down to the Caribbean for a cruise pretty soon. But what if you’re restricted in terms of cash? You’re going to want to know where you can go for your money. What islands can you visit on a cheap Caribbean cruise package? Let’s take a look.


Barbados is probably one of the first islands people think of when the Caribbean is mentioned. Many cheap packages will take you to the capital Bridgetown, where you can pause your cruise journey and take in the local sights and sounds. The city itself provides cruise vacationers with the chance to sample Barbados’ colorful culture, with scores of amazing landmarks and an unbeatably friendly atmosphere. Don’t just stop at the capital – travel further inland and take it all in!

The Dominican Republic

Another popular spot for most Caribbean cruise trips, the Dominican Republic is well-known for being very affordable. That’s not just in terms of local cuisine and fare when you get there – but in terms of accommodation and travel in general. You’ll get access to all the wonderful sun, sea and sand you’d find in Barbados, but if money is tight, you’ll love it all the more. Prices here are among the cheapest in the region. Take a good look around!


Cozumel is a popular island destination on many cheap Caribbean cruise packages. It’s well-known for its scorching temperatures and for its incredible history. Cozumel’s rich heritage dates back to the Mayan era. Tourism is huge here, with the coastline being perfect for watersports and other tourist activities. Hop off your cruise to go swimming with dolphins, to try your hand at windsurfing, or to take in the local waters via submarine.

Antigua and Barbuda

You’ll also likely find plenty of great deals for you to land at Antigua or Barbuda. The two islands are united as a joint vision of paradise, famous for their extensive coastline and for the beautiful waters encapsulating them. Whether you choose to step off your cruise to sample the bird sanctuary, to pitch up and soak up the sun, or to try your hand at one of the resort’s many tropical adventure trails, it’s likely you’ll find something to do here without your budget being adversely affected.

Get exploring!

We could probably write a book or three on the fantastic islands you can visit on a cheap Caribbean cruise package. These are just some of our favorite spots to get you started. Take a look at some cheap tours and see what adventures lie in wait for you!

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