Which activity do I choose,

Many stag parties are now arranged around doing an activity of one type or another. This is just as true for stag parties that last just the one day as those that go on for several; which stag party activity is the right one for you is, therefore, very important.

There are many to choose from, ranging from off-road driving to skiing. It is always a good idea to choose something you do not normally do so if you play five-a-side football every Tuesday night, do you really want to do it on the stag party,

If you are going abroad it could well be worth taking the time to find an activity that is native to that country.

Here is a list of activities that you can probably do anywhere in the world.

4 x4 Off-road driving: Can you really drive as well as you think you can,

Five-a-side football: Not everyone plays it on Tuesday night.

Clay pigeon shooting: Can you shoot a moving target,

Go Karting Race your friends and be a winner.

Horse Racing: Good to have a flutter and you can blow the winnings on the night out.

Hover crafting: A good thrill and a little different.

Paintballing: Shoot your friends and if they shoot you, they can buy you a beer.

White-water rafting: Can you stay in the boat,

Target shooting: Just how good a shot do you think are,

Quad bikes: Off-road fun

There are many more activities, but these are some of the more popular ones. An activity like the ones above will probably go down well with most stag party groups.

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