The Best Yoga Books Available Online

Yoga’s benefits include flexibility improvement, total detoxification, excellent toning of muscles, enhance lubrication of the ligaments, joints and tendons and overall massage of all organs. These advantages are well known in almost every part of the world and the concepts and principles of yoga are often written and widely shared.

Books have become one of the best ways to spread the word about the wonders of yoga, as reading further encourages relaxing while gaining information and entertainment. There are numerous books that have inspired people to engage in yoga as a way to achieve physical and mental enlightenment.

Some of the finest books on yoga include ‘Yoga and the Quest for True Self’ by Stephen Cope, ‘Kripalu Hatha Yoga Book’ by Christopher Ken Baxter, ‘Yoga: Asanas Simplified’ by Shri Yogendra, ‘The Yoga Tradition’ by Georg Feuerstein, ‘The Shambhala Encyclopedia’ of Yoga by Georg Feuerstein, ‘The Tree of Yoga’ by B. K. S. Iyengar, ‘Yoga’ by Judith Lasater, ‘Yoga as Philosophy and Religion’ by S N Dasgupta, ‘Yoga’ by Bouanchou, ‘Tantra: The Path of Ecstasy’ by Georg Feuerstein, ‘Meditation for Dummies’ by Stephan Bodian and other innumerable works. All of these are readily available to purchase online from the usual venues, and will help anyone develop their knowledge of Yoga.

The previously mentioned books present a broad understanding about Yoga and focus on Yoga-related literature, philosophy, history, practises and divisions. Some books are geared specifically to targeted audiences such as students and beginners, enthusiasts, children and pregnant women. The books cater to people who have different lifestyles and they present ways for them to apply Yoga to their daily routines.

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