Vocational Training – Public Service

Vocational training is designed to give students from year 10 onwards a chance to learn a skill that is actually used in the workplace but is not an academic qualification. Many schools are now able to offer vocational training courses as part of the year 9 options, giving you a wider range of choice, and hopefully keeping more pupils motivated for longer.

Public Service is a combination of skills, all of which are used in some way in many public roles, such as the Army, the Navy, the RAF, the Police, the Fire Service and many more. All of these have skills like discipline, thinking calmly under pressure, and physical fitness at their core, and this course was developed to cover all the services, meaning that any one undertaking this course will receive a qualification recognised by all of them. It cannot guarantee entry to any of the services; unfortunately you will still need to prove that you meet all the minimum criteria for each service, and go through the selection process. However, should you get to the interview stage you can talk about the course, and seeing the qualification on your application will certainly leave a good impression in the selection committees’ mind.

This course is not suitable if you do not like getting muddy or hate physical exercise. However, you probably wouldn’t be considering any public service type career if this was the case! It will involved running; it definitely involves assault courses, so you will get muddy.

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